Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wedding Ceremony Family Bible Signing

A Family Bible is a time-honored tradition.  It is handed down through a family and each successive generation records information about the family's history inside it. 

I was recently honored to officiate the wedding ceremony of a couple that wanted to include the signing of the Family Bible during  their wedding.
The bride's grandparents had given them (and all of their children and grandchildren) a Family Bible as a wedding gift.  They wanted to honor them by including them and the signing in their ceremony.

Officiant invites the grandparents to join us and sign the Family Bible.   (They had no idea this was being done, it was a complete surprise!) 

Wedding Officiant signs the Bible.

Bride signs her Family Bible as her grandmother and the groom observe.

Groom signs....

This is a wonderful way to pass on stories, family faith and traditions from one generation to the next.  

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**These photos courtesy of Sarah Holder Photography in Greenville, SC 
**Ceremony location:  Mary's Cottage at Falls Park - Greenville, SC