Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why I LOVE what I do! - Wedding Ceremony Officiant - http://WeddingWoman.net

Why I LOVE what I do….©©©

  Today I found a moving wedding video on Facebook and shared it with ‘my fans’ http://www.brides.com/blogs/aisle-say/2011/02/wedding-video-couture-motion.html .   I prefaced it by saying that it was a great example of why I love weddings as much as I do…
I meet the nicest people, go to beautiful places and everyone is in a good mood because it is a celebration!  But, it is much more than that...
  I sometimes wish I had a wedding venue on Lake Hartwell.  There is a very real need for one.  Had I known 'back then’ that I was going to grow up to be "The WeddingWoman"  I would have one!   But, at this point in my life it would be too much work to maintain a venue and a large property so I am content.  I do love going to all of the venues and get excited when a couple ‘invites’ me to a new one I have not seen.  I tell myself that I would get bored doing the same thing over and over again in the same place… and perhaps that is true.
   But the very best part of what I do isn’t the place or the nice people at the wedding.  It’s the couple and my connection with them.  After I do the Opening  Remarks and Words of Welcome, I turn my attention to ‘my couple’ and I barely know the guests are ‘out there’.  It’s as if I’m speaking with only them …it’s ‘just the three of us’ and I think that for many,  that it is that way for them as well.
  I love to meet with my couples and interact with them as they move thru the process of planning their wedding.  I get quite close with some of the brides and in the past  felt a little ‘at a loss’ after the wedding was over and I didn’t hear from them any more.   
   Then I ‘discovered’ Facebook.I had been there with my personal page for quite awhile but rarely checked in.  After talking with a photographer buddy about how he kept in touch with his clients I decided to create a business page :  http://Facebook.com/BrendaOwenOfficiant
  I started connecting with my couples -  past, present and future and  I love it!     Some of my married couples are pregnant or have their first child.  Some are buying their first home, some pursuing careers.  I am very proud of all of them and on their wedding day this is exactly my hope and prayer for them…they they will always remain best friends and each other’s greatest love.  It reminds me of the song made famous by the Carpenters: “We've only just begun to live - White lace and promises - A kiss for luck and we're on our way - So much of life to live… We've only begun.    
   And so, what is the VERY best part of what I do?   The privilege to be the one to take 'my couple' from being 'two people in love' to 'husband and wife'!  In the seconds it takes to say "I declare that you are now husband and wife!"   Their eyes always light up and they smile at each other - priceless!  I love being able to not only a create a moment, but also a memory.
I  am honored and privileged to have the opportunity to serve them by writing and officiating their wedding ceremony.