Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Intimate Lakeside Elopement VS Court House Quickie

To Elope…”Run away with one's beloved with the intention of getting married.”  People elope for a variety of reasons…not everyone can afford a big wedding, nor does everyone want one.

   The reasons are numerous….
  • Cost prohibitive
  • We have both been married before, had the big wedding "been there, done that".- 
  • Having a big ceremony out the country - it’s a hassle to acquire license/ blood testing / wait on results / get permission from the government
  •  We are having a big wedding at a later date, we just want to be married now because….(fill in the blank) 
  •  Insurance reasons 
  • It’s what we want /prefer.  “This ceremony is just for us, the big wedding is for friends and family.”  
  • This spot is special to us, it’s where we met, fell in love, first date. 
  •  We were in the process of planning our (big) wedding and it became too much of a hassle trying to find a date/place/time everyone will agree on. 
  •  We’d rather spend that money on… a nice honeymoon, a down payment on our home, we’re expecting a baby… the list goes on and on….
Whatever the reason, all of my elopement couples have one thing in common.  They are in love and they want something special, romantic, and intimate; a ceremony they will look back and remember fondly;  I give them that.
  I believe that everyone deserves a nice wedding ceremony… maybe you can’t afford a “Big” wedding but you can afford a nice one.
  For those on a tight budget, you come to me in Anderson on Lake Hartwell. You will have a meaningful, memorable ceremony and get married for a reduced fee.   Or, if you want to get married at your ‘special place’ – I will travel to you.
   For just a little more money you can have the wedding ceremony you want instead of an impersonal, ‘Court House Quickie’  :/    No offense, your Honor! 

This?  Do you want an impersonal courthouse ceremony?

 Or an intimate lakeside ceremony like this? 
An inmate Lakeside Elopement on Lake Hartwell!!

This courtroom ceremony?

Or this romantic lakeside elopement?

This ceremony under florescent lighting?

Or This? A beautiful lakeside sunset ceremony?

This?  Courtroom Nuptials?

Or This?!


Or This?!

Contact me today to schedule your lakeside wedding! (weather permitting)

Brenda Owen Wedding Officiant, Minister, Marriage Ceremony Notary for South Caronlia -  

Video: Elope on Lake Hartwell - Wedding Woman