Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Paint Pouring Ritual During Your Wedding Ceremony -

One of the newest wedding ceremony traditions to symbolize the blending of your lives is Paint Pouring!  Every painting and every marriage begins with a blank canvas…

Paint Pouring set up at marriage ceremony site as guests are escorted to their seats.

Bride and groom add their two different colors to the canvas to symbolize their lives blending together.  (I recommend you purchase 11X14 or 16X20)

Brittany and Joseph applying their paint to the canvas 12/13/14 at Chattooga Belle Farm.

Bride and groom applying their paint to the canvas to create their unique painting.

Pouring their paint :)

Their completed painting.

Angelica and Brandon 8-3-15 - Poinsett Hotel -Greenville, SC

Angelica and Brandon - Poinsette Hotel - Greenville, SC
Angelica and Brandon applying their paint.
Finished Painting

Completed artwork for their home. A reminder of their wedding day.

Megan and Joshua  9-20-15 - Zen Greenville, SC

Megan and Josh applying their paint - Zen Greenville, SC

Their finished painting - good job!!  :)

 Kayla and Paul 4/23/16 - Chattooga Belle Farm