Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hand-fasting For Your Wedding Ceremony

                   Add Handfasting to your Wedding Ceremony

Guests always 'perk up' when my couple and I start doing hand-fasting during the wedding ceremony. 

Handfasting in progress

I explain that this tradition is as old as the written language and is practiced in many cultures. 

Hand-fasting ceremony in progress.
Hand fasting ceremony in progress.
Handfasting ceremony in progress.

The term hand-fasting comes from an old custom of formally uniting a couple by binding their hands together with ribbon or rope.  This is where the terms ‘giving ones hand in marriage’ and ‘tying the knot’ comes from.

Tying the knot.

With this cord, I will now bind the Bride and Groom to the promises they make to each other.
Handfasting ceremony in progress.

Tying the knot.

The knots of this binding are not formed by this cord, but by your vows.               
Here is what each ribbon color means.

  • Blue represents a sense of sincerity between the couple, as well as peace, honest and open communication, the ability to express oneself, loyalty to the relationship, and patience between the couple.

  • Green represents financial health between the couple as well as physical health, signs of affection, compassionate feelings between the couple, and a sense of caring.

  • Orange represents the attraction between the couple, a sense of kindness, support and encouragement, keeping your heart open, fostering understanding, and being sensitive to each other's needs.

  • Gold represents intelligence, a sense of unity, plenty of energy, and religious blessings for the couple.

  • Red represents passion between the couple, healthy fertility, a sense of strength, bravery, and a long life for the marriage.

  • Yellow represents equality between the couple, confidence for each partner, a sense of balance, joy and charm, a sense of spontaneity, and plenty of enthusiasm for the marriage.

  • Purple represents harmony and tranquility in the marriage, power between the couple, a sense of sentimentality, and intelligence and wisdom.